Dan Li-Dunford (BA, MBA, PGCE)

Founder of English- Chinese Education Services

I have studied and worked in both the education and business sectors in the UK, China and France, as a teacher, tutor, lecturer, student mentor and international procurement manager.

I am now working as a professional guardian, specialist trainer  and education consultant in cross-cultural teaching, learning and inter-cultural communication. DD's photo for Press Release - July 2012 013

I believe education will make the world a better place to live for our young people and future generations. The purpose of education is to maximise young peoples’ potential and to encourage them to explore and find value in themselves.  A successful education system will develop well-rounded and well-balanced individuals who have a positive vision for the world, their country and the community where they belong and who have the vision, knowledge and skills to contribute to the wider world.

I hope my organisation can bring added value to the successful development of young people and that we can learn and grow with them in this process.